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Adding new Members and assigning different Roles

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You can add an unlimited number of Members to your Team and assign them roles with different permissions.

Adding new Members 

1. To invite a new member to your Team, click on « + Members».

2. Enter the email address of the person you want to invite to your Team. 

3. Select the role you want to assign to the person you are inviting. A complete list of the roles and the permissions they come with can be found later in this article. 

4. Then, click «Send Invitation».

5. Until the invited person has accepted the invitation, it will be listed as pending in the list of sent invitations. 

Changing Roles 

To change the role of a Member, click on the current role behind the name and select the desired role from the drop-down list. Only Owners can change roles of Members.

Removing yourself from a Team

You can remove yourself from a Team by clicking on the «Leave» button. 

List of Roles and permissions

Only one person can be the Owner of a Team

  • Can view and modify Team Settings (Subscription, Team Name, etc.)

  • Can change roles for Team Members


  • Can create, delete and modify Rooms

  • Can invite new Members


  • Can create, delete and modify Connections, Storyboxes, Themes and Displays


  • Can curate content (Moderation, curate existing Storyboxes)

The higher roles inherit all permissions of the lower roles.


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