The first step to getting your Display up and running is adding a connection.  In this article we show you how to add and manage a Facebook Connection. For a complete list of Connection types please click here.

Contentfry supports the following Facebook Connections:

  • Pages (owned and public)

  • Groups (public)

  • User Profile (owned)

  • Comments on Posts

What about Facebook Hashtags?
Facebook does not allow to aggregate and display public posts from users by a hashtag anymore. However, contentfry is able to display public posts from users on your page and from under one of your posts and filter them by Hashtag. 

Connecting your Facebook Account.

  1. To add any Facebook connection, you first need to connect your Facebook account to contentfry. Click on the Facebook sign to get started. 

2. The dialog box will open. Click on Connect with Facebook.

3. Please provide your login credentials for the social network if prompted to do so. Click the "Log In" button to continue:

4. You now can see the authorized profile in the dialog box. 

Adding different Facebook Connections

How to add a Facebook Page

You can add Owned Pages (Pages you have the admin rights for) or Public Pages to contentfry.  For you Owned Pages you can get all posts without restrictions (some posts are country/community restricted). When connecting a Public Page you will only able to get the Posts that your token is allowed to see. 

  1. To add an Owned Page, just select the page you want to add from the drop down menu and click create. Don't forget to choose what type of posts you want to display and to set your moderation preferences. Then click on "create". 

   3. To connect a Public Page, just add the URL of the Facebook Page. Select what posts you want to display, set the moderation preferences and click on "create".

How to add a Facebook Group  

4. To add a Facebook Group, select the Group you want to add from the drop down menu and click on create. You can only connect a public group of which you are an admin. 


How to add a Facebook User (Profile)

5. To add a User, select the Social Profile of the User and click on create.

How to add Comments on Posts as a Connection

You can add a specific Facebook post as a connection and collect all the comments that are made on the post. 

  1. In your Dashboard, click on the more options icon (...) and then select comments on post»

3. The Comments on Post Connection now shows in your list of Connections.

4. You can edit the name and moderation option of the Connection by clicking on the setting icon.

5. You are all set. The comments user make on your post will now be collected by contentfry.

What's next

  • You might want to edit or delete your Facebook Connections. Learn how to Manage your Connections.

  • Add Connections from other Social Networks. For a complete list of Connection types please click here.

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