The Instagram Business Connections will completly replace the current Instagram Connections due to a major change in the Instagram API. 

The old Instagram API will stop working on December 11, 2018. We recommend that you change your existing Instagram Connections to the new Instagram Business Connections as soon as possible to ensure continued seamless operation of your Social Wall. If the migration is not completed by December 11, no new Instagram posts will come in. 

You can set up your Instagram Business Connections in 3 simple steps:

  1. Get an Instagram Business account

  2. Transfer any Instagram Connections you’re currently using 

  3. Make sure you know the new possibilities and limitations for your Instagram Business Connections


If you already have a personal Instagram account, you can easily switch it to a business account. Here’s a quick tutorial to help you with that.

The new API requires that you connect your Instagram Business account to a Facebook business page. This process is offered to you automatically while converting your account to an “Instagram for Business” account.

Please note: An Instagram Business Account can only be connected to a single Facebook Page.


1. Click on the Settings Icon behind the Instagram connection you want to transfer.

2. The Dialog Box of the Connection will open. Then click on the «Switch to Instagram Business» Button in the Dialog Box.

3. A Screen with a new « + new Profile» button will appear. Click on « + new Profile».

4. Please provide your login credentials for Instagram Business (via Facebook) if prompted to do so. Click the «Log In» or «Authorize» buttons to continue.

5. Your new Instagram Business Social Profile is now connected. Make sure it is active (radio button is blue) and then click on the «update» button. 

6. Your Instagram Connection has been updated to Instagram Business. The blue Icons indicate an Instagram Business Connections.

7. Repeat the process for each Instagram Connection to turn it into a Instagram Business Connection. 

For the following transformations you will not need to connect to Instagram (via Facebook) again. It will directly show your available Accounts. Just select a Instagram Business and click on the «Update» Button.

The last 25 posts may be duplicated. Please check and moderate if necessary.

Video Tutorial:


Instagram Hashtags

1. As a result of increased data protection requirements (eg. GDPR) Instagram does not provide the profile picture and the username for Hashtag Connections anymore. 

2. Instagram only allows a maximum of 30 hashtags to be queried per week per Business account. You can only add a maximum of 30 unique hashtags on behalf of any Instagram Business account within a rolling 7-day period.

3. You can't connect a hashtag to contentfry that has not been used on Instagram before. Simply publish a dummy post on Instagram prior to creating a Connection for a brand new hashtag,

4. When you add a new Instagram hashtag Connection to your social wall, contentfry will only be able to fetch the public Instagram posts published with this hashtag in the past 24 hours.

Instagram Users

5. The former User Connections will be split into Owned Accounts and Public Content.

Owned Accounts are Instagram Business Profiles that you own. The drop-down will give you a selection of the profiles that are associated with the Access Token (Social Profile) you've provided.

Public Content: connect any public Instagram Business Profile.

Contentfry will turn a User Connection into an Owned Account if you own the rights for the Account (depending on your Access Token).

If you do not own the rights for the Account, contentfry will turn a User into a Public Content Connection. 

New Connection: Tagged Photos

6. The new Instagram API makes a new Connection possible: Tagged Photos (and Videos. The Tagged Photo Connection allows you to collect content that your Instagram Business Account was tagged in. Unlike content that as been collected based on a hashtag, Instagram does still provide the profile picture and the username for this Connection. 

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