After you have created your Display you can share it on a website or a TV screen. To share your Display on a TV Screen you can either copy the URL of your Display and open it in the browser on your TV Screen or you can use the Mirror function to connect your laptop or tablet to the TV Screen.

The mirror function makes it particularly easier to test different displays on one screen.

  1. Start by navigating to the Share section of the Display you want to share.

2. In the menu at the top right, you will find a «Mirror» button. Make sure that the display you want to share is active (check mark), then click on «Mirror».

3. Now open in the browser of your TV Screen and enter the 6 digits pin code that will be displayed on the TV Screen in the provided field. Click «Start» to connect the two devices.

4. Now select the Display you want to share. Then click on the «Display to Mirror» button.

5. Your TV Screen will now show the selected Display.

5. To view another Display on your screen, simply select the Display you want to view from your list and then click «Display to Mirror».

6. If you have found the display that you want to use, click on the «Mirror Session» button and then «Stop Mirroring» to make the notification on your TV Screen disappear.

7. Don't forget to enable full-screen mode on your browser to make your Social Wall look great.

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