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Using filters and the search functionality in the Moderation Panel
Using filters and the search functionality in the Moderation Panel

Filter functions and different view options support your moderation workflow.

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Using the Moderation Panel, you can filter the aggregated content in your contentfry dashboard according to different characteristic or search for specific contents. 

How to use the different filters

Filter by image, video or text

  • Image: displays all image posts

  • Video: displays all video posts

  • Text: displays all text-only posts

Filter by moderation status

  • Approved: displays all approved posts

  • Denied: displays all denied posts

  • Pending: displays all pending posts

More filters

Click on «more filters» to see more options.

  • Bookmarked: displays all posts that have been bookmarked by you

  • Favorite: displays posts that have been favored by you

  • Deleted: displays all posts that have been deleted by the user

  • Blocked User Posts: displays all posts from users that have been blocked by you

  • Call To Action: display all posts that have a call to action 

Using multiple filters

You can also apply different filters at the same time. That allows you to view e.g. all approved posts with an Image from several different Connections. To remove a filter, just click on the delete Icon. 

To learn more about the different functions and how to use them, view the article Moderation - More Functions. 

Filter by Connections and platforms

  • Connections: displays all posts from a specific connection

  • Platforms: displays all post from the selected social media platform

Filter by language and sentiment

language filter allows you to choose the contents with the preferable language you like. if you choose English, will show you all the posts have been written in English language  

sentiment filter give you the option to choose the contents which have the positive react on it.

How to search for specific content

Use the search function to find a specific post. You can search for

  • words and phrases (contentfry will search the whole text field, not only hashtags)

  • User and Profile Names

  • Post ID (Instagram, Twitter, Flickr)

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