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Updating a Social Profile or Network Connection (Token).
Updating a Social Profile or Network Connection (Token).

How to renew an expired Social Profile or add a new Social Profile

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Sometimes a Connection may stop working. The most common reason for a broken Connection is an expired Social Profile, also known as Social Network Token.
Click here to learn more about Social Profiles and why we need them.

Whenever a Social Profile expires we will no longer be able to get content updates from the affected social network.

A red warning sign indicates a Connection that has stopped working due to an expired token. We will also notify you by email to make you aware of the broken connection.

There are two ways to update your Social Profile:

  1. Via your User Profile
    This procedure is recommended if you want to update your own Social Network Token.

  2. Via the Connection
    This procedure is recommended, if you want to add a new Social Network Token to an existing Connection, e.g. when the person who owns the expired Token no longer works in your company.

Updating a Social Profile (Token) via your User Profile

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner to open the drop-down menu. Then click on «Profile».

2. You now see your Profile Page. Click on Network Connections to open the overview of all your existing Network Connections.

3. At the top of the overview, you will find the section Expired Network Connections. Click on the «Renew» Button to update your Network Connection. All Connections from the same social network that you re-authenticated will now automatically update.

In some cases, you might want to update an Active Network Connection in order to fetch new Tokens after you've become Admin of a new Page or Profile. Click the «Renew» Button to update the desired Network Connection.

Via the Connection

  1. On the Connection Panel, click on the red warning sign of the affected Connection.

2. After the dialog box opens, click on « + new Profile» and connect to the social network when prompted to do so.

3. You now have a new Social Profile available. Click on the new Social Profile to activate it. The blue radio button indicates which Social Profile is the one you wish to use.

4. To finish, Click on «Update». Your Connection is now using the new Social Profile to collect content.

Important Information

The social networks you want to connect may ask you what information contentfry is allowed to receive and manage. If you do not give contentfry the necessary rights, contentfry may not be able to display the content you want. Contentfry does not collect or use your information for any purpose other than the purpose for which you use contentfry (collecting, managing, and displaying content the Social Networks).

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