Social Profiles (Access Tokens)

What are Access Tokens and why we need them

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In order to add most Connections to conentfry we require a secure account authentication process. That's why you are asked to connect to the social networks with your login credentials when adding a Connection. 

Entering your login credentials passes along an access token for us to store. Access tokens contain security credentials for the login session, and identify the user, e.g. as an Administrator for a certain Facebook Page. 

Your connected Social Profile(s) are then shown in the dialog box of the Social Network. 

Some social networks set an expiration date for their access tokens. This includes the social network LinkedIn, which issues tokens that expire after a 60 day lifespan.

Access tokens can also expire as the result of new privacy restrictions, such as a password change (e.g. if you change your Facebook password your previous token will usually be rejected).

You can view the current status of each Social Profile just under its name.

Manage your Access Tokens

Sometime you may need to renew your Social Profile or delete it. For example, after being added as an Admin to a Facebook Page you weren't managing before, you may need to refresh your token in order to see this Page in the selection of the Connection Dialog Box. 

  1. To renew your Social Profile, click on your Name on the top right corner of the Dashboard. Then select «your profile»

2. An overview of your Profile Information will open. Click on «Manage» in the Your Network Connections section.

3. You now see all your Network Connections. Click on the «renew» or «delete» button of the Network of which you want to refresh your Social Profile (Access Token). You can only delete an Access Token if it is not actively used for a existing Connection.

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