Classic Displays: How to Embed a Display on your Website

Learn how to create an embed code

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After you have created and styled a display you are ready to embed it on your website. 

1. To start, click on the Display panel on the left-hand side of your dashboard and select the display you want to embed.

2. Then click on the publish and preview button positioned in the top right corner of the dashboard.

3. You are now shown the different setting options for embedding your display. Customize the settings according to your needs. The different settings will be explained below. 

4. Copy the code and embed it on your website.

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How to Use the Settings for your Display

The settings allow you to customize your Social Wall and to create different embed Codes ( = different Social Walls) using the same display design. The embed code will change according to your settings.

1. Filter Content to Show in your Display

Platforms: Use this filter if you want to show content of selected platforms only, e.g. Instagram.  

Connections: This filter allows you to only show content of selected connections on your Social Wall.

Content: With this filter you can select the types of content you want to show on your Social Wall, e.g. Image, Video Text. 

The next options are only available if the corresponding features are included in your license.

Storybox: This filter allows you to embed a certain storybox that you've created. 

Themes: Use this filter to show content of selected themes.

Language: With this filter you can chose to show only contents of a certain language on your Social Wall.

2. Number of Contents Loaded

Here you can define how many contents you want to show on your Social Wall before the «Load more» button appears. 

3. Load More & Button Language

Decide if you want to display or hide the «Load more» button and the language of the load more button:

EN: Load more
DE: Mehr laden
FR: charger plus
IT: caricare più

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