After creating a Room and adding content it's time for you to decide how you'd like all of that content to appear. Contentfry allows you to style your content through the use of any number of pre-built Displays.

  1. To begin, click on the Display panel on the left-hand side of your dashboard. There are a number of pre-built templates for Web or Screen implementations available for you to choose from. 

  2. Click on the type of display you want to use, e.g. Grid, Squares, Slider, etc. Make sure you chose a Web Display if you want to embed your Social Wall on a Website and a Screen Display if you want to display your Social Wall on a Screen. 

  3. The Style Editor for the corresponding type of display does then open on the right-hand side. 

  4. Chose a style you like and then click on the different taps to customize the display according to your wishes (Layout, Box Style, Features). 

  5. Name your Display and save it. 

6. Your personal Display is now saved in the Display panel under the new section «My Displays». To make further changes to the Display, click on the Display and then again on «Edit».

Please note: Your Display is your personal Design for your Social Wall. You can use your Display for any numbers of Social Walls. In the next step you will generate the embed code for your Social Wall(s).

Learn how to generate the embed code for your Social Wall. 

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The Style Editor and the Settings you can make

When choosing a Display Type (Grid, Square, etc) the Style Editor for the corresponding type of display opens on the right-hand side.

On the top of the Style Editor you can set the name of your Display.


The Styles show all the Styles available for this type of Display. 


In Layout you make the basic settings for your Display as a whole.
You can chose the Background Color of your Display, set the Banner and style your Load More Button.


In Box you make the settings for the content boxes of your Display. You can set the Font and adaptations your box such as Radius, shadows, etc. Furthermore you can decide where a Click should Link to and Style your CTA. 

Link Type

  • No Link (your Display is not clickable)

  • Link to Source (a click on a content will bring the user to the original post on the social network)

  • Link to Detail Modal (a click an a content will open a box with an enlarged view of the content). You can style your Detail Modal in the corresponding tap. View below. 

The CTA field is only available if your license contains this feature. 


In Features you can make settings that are only available for this type of Display, e.g. setting the speed for an animation. 


In Modal you make the settings for your Display Modal. You decide in the tap Box (link to) if you want your contents to open in a larger box (view above).

Click on a box to open and customize the Detail Modal. While customizing your Modal keep in mind that there are different types of content (e.g. text only, image only, etc.). Make sure your customizations look good with all types of contents.

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