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How to add a Call to Action (CTA) to a social media post
How to add a Call to Action (CTA) to a social media post

Learn how you create and style a CTA Field

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With the CTA Feature of contentfry you can add a Call to Action Field to any post on your social wall whether it is a post by someone else or one of your own posts. That's how you do it:

  1. In your Dashboard choose the post you would like to have a CTA Field. Then click on the more option icon (…) and select Call to Action.

2. Then select "Call to action" in the drop down menu.

3. A popup has now opened. You can add the following information to your CTA.

A) Titel. The Title will show above your description (B) on your Display.

B) Description. You can add a description of max. 500 Characters to your CTA field.

C) Button. Add here the Text that you would like to show on your CTA-Button, e.g. "Learn more" or "Book now".

D) Link. Insert the URL of the site you want your users to land.

Please Note: Some Displays designs may only show a Button and the corresponding Link (C+D). If you would like to add a Titel (A) and a Description (B) to your CTA, make sure you choose a display that includes those two fields in the design.

4. Press update after adding the information you would like to show on your CTA Field.

5. After pressing update the CTA Field is saved to the selected post. Please note that this is only the dashboard view of your CTA and not how it will look on your Social Wall.

6. To style your CTA Field, navigate to your Displays in the menu on the left side and chose the Display you want to use (A). In the Box section of the Style Editor you will find a CTA layer and CTA button (B). You can now edit and style your CTA Field (C).

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Managing your CTA Fields

After a while you might want to delete or edit your CTA field. Learn here how to manage all your CTAs. 

  1. To find all the Posts which have a CTA added, go to the Dashboard Menu and click on more filters. Then select Call to Action. You will then see all posts with a CTA Field.

2. If you would like to edit or delete a CTA Field, click on the more option icon (…) of the post and choose Call to action.

3. You can now edit the CTA Field and press update to save the changes or delete the field with the delete button. 

A CTA is the best way to convert viewers of your Social Wall into buyers of your product without complicated work. The CTA field is only available if your license contains this feature.

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