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Using the Rights Management Feature
Using the Rights Management Feature

How to gain and manage rights for a user content

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We recommend that you send Rights Requests to your users to ask for permission before using their content for any purpose other than displaying it on a social wall. This could include integrating the content into your newsletter or shop. Our Rights Request feature is designed to facilitate this process and make it easy for you to manage.

Supported Social Networks

  • The Rights Request feature is only available for posts collected from Instagram.

Sending a Rights Request

On your contentfry dashboard, select the post you want to send a Rights Request to. Click on the more options icon (...) on the post and then select Request Rights.

After selecting the Request Rights option, a pop-up window will appear. Follow the steps below as indicated in the pop-up:

  1. Define a short and clear hashtag (e.g., #sayyes) that the user can use to reply to your request.

  2. Click on edit example. Then write a comment asking the user if you're allowed to use their content and tell them which hashtag to use in their reply. Use [hashtag] as a placeholder in your text to automatically insert the hashtag you defined earlier.

3. When you're happy with your text, click on Save example. Your text will now be saved as a template so that it's available to you for the next request.

4. Copy your comment to the clipboard. Now open the Instagram post by clicking on the corresponding link. Make sure you're logged in with the Instagram Account that you've connected to contentfry. The name of the connected contentfry account is stated in the instructional text

You can now paste your Rights Request as a comment on the users post. Small adjustments to the text can give your comment a personal touch.

Return to the contentfry dashboard and click on Confirm Request to complete the process and save your Rights Request.

5. Congratulations, you're done! Once you click the Confirm Request button, the window will close and the post will display an icon indicating that you've requested rights.

The Status of your Rights Requests

Once you click the Confirm Request button in the pop-up, the window will close and the post will display an icon indicating that you've requested rights. The color of the icon will indicate the current status of your reques

🔘 Grey: Your Rights Request is still Pending

🔵 Blue: Your Rights Request has been Confirmed

Confirm or Revoke rights manually

In order for us to automatically set the Rights Request status on confirmed, the user must answer to your comment and use the defined hashtag. If he fails to do so, we will not be able to auto approve the rights request.

If the user is granting you the rights to use his photo in another way, you can manually confirm the rights for this post by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Request Rights Icon on the post you want to modify.

  2. The Request Rights pop up will reopen. Click on the "I already have rights" button to manually confirm your request.

3. You can also revoke rights in the same way. If you revoke rights or a rights request, the post will not show the request rights icon again.

View all your Pending or Confirmed Rights Requests

You can get an overview of all posts with a Confirmed status as well as a Pending status by filtering them accordingly. To do so, navigate to the more option (...) Icon in the Moderation bar.

Terms of use or legal page

We recommend that you inform the user about the exact use of his photo or video and his personal data. A good way to do so is to link to your own legal page with terms & conditions that your customers accept whenever they give consent to your request.

Important Notes on using the Request Rights feature

Requirements for the auto approval of the request

In order for contentfry to be able to auto approve a request and set the confirmed status, the user must fulfil the following requirements:

  1. The user must reply to your comment, meaning there must be a @your_account in his post.

  2. The reply must include the hashtag that you have set for this post.

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