To directly access Displays, hover over any of your existing Rooms to make the Display Button appear.


Click on "New Display" in the newly opened interface. You will now be taken to an overview page. Select the type of display you want to create from the menu on the left or simply scroll through all available displays. Then select a display.

You will now see the display in the preview. Click on "Use this display" if you like what you see or on "Back to displays" if you would like to choose another one.

In the newly opened interface you will now see the selected display on the right side and the configuration menu on the left side. You have the following choice:

Display: Here you can make basic settings such as adding content filters or banners.

Design: Here you define colors and shapes.

Settings: Here you decide which information you want to display, e.g. Load More Button, set your Pagination or add your Google Analytics ID.

After you have made changes, always click on "Publish changes" in the upper right corner so that the changes are applied and saved.


If you want to embed your display on a website or share it on a screen, click "Share" in the menu above the display. Then click "New Share" in the window that opens.

In the popup you can now give your Integration a name. We recommend that you choose a very specific name so that you can later distinguish between the different Integrations.

If you only want to show selected content (e.g. only content with images or a storybox) you can select the content filter here. The content filter must have already been created in the configuration menu. Then click on "Save".

You will now see the different variants of the embed code. Click on "copy" to copy the desired code. You can recall these codes at any time later.

We recommend the "Standard" integration for the best experience. If you chose the "iframe" integration, please note that the "Detail Modal" will not work. We recommend to chose the "open links" instead of detail modal in your Display settings.

Your integration is now saved. You can recall and customize it at any time by clicking Options (...).

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