Adding TikTok Connections

How to collect content from TikTok

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Adding a connection is the first step to getting your Social Wall up and running. This article shows you how to add a TikTok connection to contentfry. For a complete list of Connection types please click here.

Contentfry supports the following TikTok Connections:

  • Your own profiles

What about Hashtags?

Please view the additional information at the end of this article to learn more about what content can be collected from TikTok.

How to add TikTok Connections to contentfry

  1. To add a TikTok connection, you first need to connect your Facebook account to contentfry. Select TikTok in the Connections panel on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Then click on Connect with TikTok Button in the pop-up window that has opened.

2. You will then be asked to authorize contentfry to access your profile information and public videos. Click on Authorize to proceed.

3. Your TikTok Profile will now show as a "Social Profile". Click on Create to finish the setup.

4. You have now successfully connected your TikTok Profile and contentfry will start collecting your videos. If you have multiple TikTok Profiles that you would like to connect to contentfry, just click on "New Profile" and then repeat steps one to three for your other profiles.

Additional information about TikTok content

  • Content from other Users: TikTok does not allow collecting videos from hashtags or other users' profiles.

  • Content from your profile: TikTok does not allow collecting Stories from your own profile, since they are designed to disappear after 24 hours.

What's next

  • You might want to edit or delete your Facebook Connections. Learn how to Manage your Connections.

  • Add Connections from other Social Networks. For a complete list of Connection types please click here.

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