Moderation gives you the ability to review and approve content before it appears publicly on your Social Wall. This feature is essential when collecting User Generated Content  where you might not always get relevant, or appropriate, posts.

 In this article we show you how to set up and use the Moderation feature.

Enabling and disabling Moderation on new Connections

When adding an new Connection to contentfry, you can enable or disable the Moderation by switching it on or off: 

«MODERATION ON» means that new content will not automatically be approved and will only appear publicly on your Website or Screen after it's been approved by you. New content will have the status pending until you approve or deny it.  

«MODERATION OFF» means that new content will automatically be approved and will immediately appear publicly on your Website.

Moderation is switched on by default. 

Changing Moderation setting on existing Connections

If you want to change the Moderation setting on an existing connection, select the Connections panel on the left-hand side of the screen. Then, locate the Connection and click the setting icon beside the connection.

The dialog box for the Connection will then open and you can change your Moderation setting.

Approving or Denying pending Posts

When Moderation is on, all new content will be displayed as pending in your contentfry dashboard. 

  • To approve: click on the green button. The post will now be displayed publicly on your website or screen. 

  • To deny:  click on the red button. The post won't be displayed on your website or screen. 

Here is how to approve or deny your content:

Bulk Moderation

You can also change the Moderation status of multiple posts at the same time. Check the «Select All« box in the Moderation Bar, then click approve or deny next to the box to approve or deny the selected posts. 

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