The Room is where you will later manage your social wall. To start, click on your Room to open it. If you haven't created a Room yet, do so by clicking on «New Room» on your contentfry dashboard.

Step 1: Add a Connection

The first step to getting your social wall up and running is adding a Connection. Let's get started.

1. The Connections panel can be found on the left-hand side of the page. It is where you add Connections to contentfry. To start, click on the icon of the network from which you want to collect content:

In our example, we want to collect content from Instagram.

2. Most platforms require an authentication. Please provide your login credentials for the social network if prompted to do so. Click the "Log In" or "Authorize" buttons to continue:

In our example, we want to connect our Instagram to contentfry. 

3. You now can see the authorized profile in the dialog box. Different social profiles can be connected and used within a team:

In our example, the user "Valérie" has created a Connection to Instagram. 

Click here to learn more about authentication and why you need them.

4. Now select the desired Connection type from the top tabs and then fill out the required fields.

In our example, you can select a hashtag or a user as a Connection type.  

In our example, we want to aggregate content with hashtag #cfhiking from Instagram.

6. Decide whether or not  you want to review the aggregated content before it's publicly displayed on your Hub or your Screen. 

  • Moderation «on»: posts must be approved before they are publicly displayed

  • Moderation «off»: posts will directly be public

Then click on "Create" to complete adding the Connection:

In our example, we chose to moderate the content before it's publicly displayed.  

 7. You have added your first Connection! contentfry now searches and collects the corresponding contents. This may take a few seconds. Then you are ready for the next step: Moderation.

Click here for more information about Connections or here for a complete list of Connection types.

Step 2: Moderate contents

If you enabled the Moderation on your Connection settings, all new contents will be displayed as pending in your dashboard.

Example of content that should be moderated. Status: pending.

  • Click on the green box below the post to approve it. The status at the top right of the post turns green. This content is now publicly displayed on your Website or Screen.

  • Click on the red box below the post to deny it. The status at the top right of the post turns red. This content is not publicly displayed on your Website or Screen.

Example of approved posts.

Learn how to make the most of contentfry's Moderation by viewing the Moderation Section in our Help Center. 

Step 3: Create a Display 

After creating a Room and adding content it's time for you to decide how you'd like all of that content to appear. Contentfry allows you to style your content through the use of any number of pre-built Displays.

  1. To begin, click on the Displays panel on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Then click on "New Display" in the newly opened interface.

2. You will now be taken to an overview page. Select the type of display you want to create from the menu on the left or simply scroll through all available displays. Then select a display.

3. You will now see the display in the preview. Click on "Use this display" if you like what you see or on "Back to displays" if you would like to choose another one.

4. In the newly opened interface you will now see the selected display on the right side and the configuration menu on the left side. You have the following choice:

  • Display: Make basic settings such as adding content filters or banners.

  • Design: Define colours and shapes.

  • Settings: Decide which information you want to display.

5. After you have made changes, always click on "Publish changes" in the upper right corner so that the changes are applied and saved.

Step 4: Publishing your Display

Are you happy with your Display? Then you are ready to show it on your website or screen.

1. Click "Share" in the menu above your display. Then click "New Share" in the window that opens.

2. In the popup you can now give your Integration a name. We recommend a descriptive name e.g. "Homepage Display" so that you can later distinguish between the different Integrations. Then click "Save".

3. You will now see the different variants of the embed code. Click on "copy" to copy the desired code. You can recall these codes at any time later.

Congratulations! You have set up your first Social Wall. To become a real pro, have a look around our other articles in the Help Center.

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