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4 Easy Steps To Get Started
4 Easy Steps To Get Started

New to contentfry? Follow these easy steps to get your first Social Wall up and running in no time!

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The Room is where you will later manage your social wall. To start, create a new Room by clicking on «New Room» on your contentfry dashboard.

Step 1: Add a Connection

The first step to getting your Social Wall up and running is to collect content from social networks.

1. Click on the «Connections» menu on the left-hand side and select the social network from which you want to collect content.

2. Most platforms require authentication. Please provide your login credentials for the social network if prompted to do so. Click the "Log In" or "Authorize" buttons to continue:

3. After granting permission, the authorized profile will show. You're now ready to make your first connection.

4. Now, in the tab at the top, choose what type of Connection you want to create. The type of Connections available varies from network to network. Each social network determines what is possible for its platform.

5. As an example, let's create a Hashtag Connection from Instagram. To do this, first, select the Instagram business token you want to use for this connection, then enter the hashtag you want to query.

6. Next, decide whether or not you want to review the collected content before it's publicly displayed on your Social Wall: 

  • Moderation «on»: contents must be approved by you before they are publicly displayed

  • Moderation «off»: contents will be directly displayed publicly

7. Click on «Create» to finish setting up and create the connection.

8. Congratulations, you have created your first connection. Contentfry will now collect the content from the social network. This may take a few seconds.

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Step 2: Moderate your content

If you have enabled moderation, all new content in your dashboard will have a 'moderation pending' status indicated by the gray field with a clock icon.

1. Start moderating your content now:

  • Click on the green button below the post to approve it and show it on your Social Wall

  • Click on the red button below the post to deny it and hide it on your Social Wall

2. After moderating a post, the status symbol in the top right corner will change from pending (grey) to approved (green) or denied (red) and the colored moderation buttons will become gray. You can change the status of a post at any time later.

Step 3: Style your Social Wall

After collecting and approving your first content, you can now create the design for your social wall. For this, Contentfry provides you with various Social Wall templates (Displays) to choose from.

  1. To begin, click on the Displays panel on the left-hand side of your dashboard. Then click on "New Display" in the newly opened interface.

2. You will now see an overview of all available Displays. Select the type of display you want to create from the menu on the left or simply scroll through all available displays.

There are displays that are better suited for embedding on a website, and other displays that are better suited for displaying on a TV screen.

2. Click on a Display to preview the Display with your own content. Click on "Use this display" if you want to continue with this template or "Back to displays" if you would like to choose another one.

Please note: There must be enough approved content in your room in order for the preview to work. Please make sure that you have enough approved content (green status symbol) before creating your Display.

4. After selecting a Display template, you can now start customizing it. In the Display Menu, you will find three tabs:

  • Display: Make basic settings such as adding content filters or banners.

  • Design: Define colours and shapes.

  • Settings: Decide which information you want to display.

5. After you have made changes, always click on «Publish changes» in the upper right corner so that the changes are applied and saved.

Step 4: Share your Social Wall

Are you happy with the style of your Social Wall? Then you are ready to show it on your website or screen.

1. Click "Share" in the menu above your display. You have now switched to the Share menu.

2. If you just want a quick preview of your Social Wall, you can click on the share icon in the menu at the top right. This will open a new window where you can also copy the URL for your Social Wall if you want to show it on a TV Screen.

3. Get Code for Embedding on Website: you can copy the embed code for your social wall with one click on the «Get the code» button.

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