Managing Connections

How to set up new Connections and manage existing Connections

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The Connections panel can be found on the left-hand side of the Dashboard. It is where you add and manage your Connections.

Adding new Connections

To add a connection, click on the icon of the network from which you want to collect content. Most platforms require an authentication  Please connect to the social network if prompted to do so. 

The different Types of Connections

At the top of the dialog box of the chosen Social Network you see the different types of Connections that are available for this Social Network, e.g. a Hashtag, a User or a Page. 

Click on the Connection type you want to add to your Room, and then fill out the required fields.

In the Dialog Box you can also set the Moderation mode. 

Managing and Editing Connections

You might want to edit or delete an existing Connection. To do so, click on the settings Icon behind the Connection. 

The dialog box of the selected Connection will then open. You can now rename the Connection, add a new Social Profile or change the Moderation setting. Click on «update» when you've finished editing. If you want to delete the Connection, click on «delete». 

Searching for Connections

If you've added more than 4 Connections to a Room, a search field will appear. You can search for a certain Connection by entering the name of the Connection or for all Connections from a Social Network by entering the name of the network. 

Connection Groups

The Feature «Connection Groups» allows you to bundle several Connections into a group. It is automatically activated when you have added more than 11 Connections to a room.

What are Connection Groups for?
Let's say you have a Facebook, an Instagram and a Twitter Account for Product A and a different Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Account for Product B. With «Connection Groups» you can bundle the Product A Connections and the Product B Connections into one Stream and create two different Social Walls on your Website - one for your Product A Site, one for your Product B Site.

How to create a Connection Group

  1. As soon as you have added the 11th Connections to you Room, the text field «Show Connection Groups» will show at the bottom of the Connection List. Click on Show Connection Groups. 

2. A «Add new Group» button appears. Click on it to create a new Connection Group. 

3. A new dialog box will open. Start with giving your Connection Group a name and then select the Connections which you want to add to this Group from the drop-down. 

4. Check if you added all the right Connections and then click on the «create» button to create the new Connection Group. 

5. Your Group does now show in the Connection Group Section at the bottom of the Connections list. You can edit it any time by clicking on the settings icon behind the Group. 

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