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How to manage Connections
Setting Up and Managing Connections (Content Feeds)
Setting Up and Managing Connections (Content Feeds)

How to set up new Connections and manage existing Connections

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Connections are content sources for your Social Wall. In this article, we summarize the most important things you need to know about Connections on Contentfry.

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Adding a new Connections

The Connections panel is located on the left-hand side of the dashboard. Here, you can add and manage your connections.

To add a new connection, click on the icon of the network from which you want to collect content. Step-by-step guides for each social network are available here.

The Different Content Sources of Each Network

The available content sources from a network are shown in the top tab of the popup window. For a comprehensive list of all supported networks and content sources, refer to this article.

Edit an Existing Connection

To view and edit the settings of an existing connection, such as updating moderation settings, click on the settings icon next to the connection. A popup window with the settings will then open.

Keeping Your Connections Healthy

Most social networks require authentication, meaning you need to give contentfry permission to collect content from your profiles or gather public content on your behalf. For security reasons, these permissions often expire after a certain period and need to be renewed; otherwise, your connection will stop working.

A red exclamation mark next to the connection indicates that it has stopped working and needs to be updated.

💡Learn how to keep your connections working and update expired permissions here.

To get a quick overview of the health of all your connections, click on Health in the top tab of your Contentfry dashboard.

How Many Connections Am I Using?

The number of connections you can set up for a team is defined by your subscription plan. This article shows you how to find out the total number of connections you're using and how many connections are used in each room.

What's next?

  • You can configure different moderation settings for each connection. Learn how to set up and use the moderation feature here.

  • Are you ready to set up a new Connection? Step-by-step guides for each social network are available here.

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