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How to create a Storybox
How to create a Storybox

Learn how to create and embed a Storybox on your website.

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The Storybox feature lets you create a social wall with manually selected content arranged as you wish. The content remains fixed in your Storybox until you update and rearrange it. In this article, we'll show you how to create a new Storybox and how to embed a Storybox.

Creating a new Storybox

  1. Click on the Storyboxes panel in the menu on the left-hand side of the page, then Add New Storybox.

2. A window will pop up. Name your Storybox and then click on the Create Button to create the new Storybox.

3. To make sure you only put moderated content in your Storybox, select approved in the moderation menu. Then select the content you want to put in your storybox by clicking Add to storybox.

  4. To arrange the selected contents, click the showing full-screen arrow.

5. Now arrange the contents with drag-and-drop to put them in the desired order.

Congratulations, you have created a new Storybox!

Embedding your Storybox

Now that you've created your Storybox, you'll want to be sure to embed it on your website. Follow the steps below to publish your Storybox using a display.

  1. Go to your Displays. You can click on the Displays Panel directly under the Storybox Panel to open your Displays. Another way to get to your Displays is over the Display Button on the Room level

2. Select the Display you would like to use for your Storybox. If you haven't created a Display yet, do so. Learn here how to create a new Display. 

3. In the Display settings of the selected Display, click on Content. A new window will pop up. You will now set up a content filter for your Storybox. To start, give it a name. Make sure it is a name that is clear and different from other content filters, e.g. "Storybox Zurich City".

4. Click on the + New filter Button. In the dropdown menu, select Storyboxes. A new filter named Storyboxes will then appear. Now select the corresponding Storybox which is shown in the dropdown menu. Click on the Save Button to finish and save your new content filter.

5. The new Content filter (your Storybox) now shows in the menu Content filters. You're now ready to publish and embed your Storybox. To proceed, please click on «Share» on top of your Display.

6. Now click on the + New Share button to create a new Display Share (Social Wall) for your Storybox. Give it a name and then select the corresponding Content filter (aka your Storybox). Click Save to finish.

7. You will now see the different variants of the embed code. Click on "copy" to copy the desired code. You can recall these codes at any time later.

We recommend the "Standard" integration for the best experience. If you chose the "iframe" integration, please note that the "Detail Modal" will not work. We recommend to chose the "open links" instead of the detail modal in your Display settings.

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