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Publishing your Social Wall on your Website or TV Screen
Publishing your Social Wall on your Website or TV Screen

Get the Embed Code or URL of your Display

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Have you created your display and are ready to embed it on your website or screen? Click on «share» to access the new share menu.

Don't worry if the social wall doesn't look perfect in the preview in the Share menu - often, in this small preview menu, it simply doesn't have enough space to fully expand.

If you're in a hurry: preview and URL with just one click

If you just want to take a quick look at your social wall, you can click on the share icon in the menu at the top right. This will open a new window where you can also copy the URL for your social wall.

Making content settings for your Social Wall

You can use the created Display (template) to embed various Social Walls. To keep track of them, we recommend giving each social wall a clear label and saving them. In the following section, we show you how to configure, save, and embed your Social Walls.

  1. Click on «+ Display content» in the menu at the top right to start the configuration. A pop-up window will open.

2. Now you can make various settings for your social wall:

  • First name your display. Choose a name that is meaningful and gives you information about which social wall on your website or screen this is, e.g. "Help Center English".

  • Then select the language for your 'Load More' button. If you have chosen the icon option for your 'Load More' button, you don't have to make a selection here.

  • Now you can choose the content filter that you want to apply to your Social Wall. For example, you can display content only from a specific social network, a specific language (add-on feature), or a Storybox that you have created. Learn here how to create a content filter.

Now click on «Save» to save your Display Configurations.

3. The configured and saved Social Wall now appears on the right side. Click on the «more options» (...) menu to edit, view or delete your Social Wall from the list.

Publishing the Social Wall on your Website

After you have made the settings for your social wall, it is ready to be embedded on your website. If you want to share the social wall on a TV screen, jump to the section 'Share Social Wall on Screen."

  1. First, make sure that the correct Social Wall is active. The checkmark symbolizes which Social Wall is currently activated and for which you are now generating an embed code.

2. Now choose how you want your Social Wall to be displayed on the website. The Standard display is the most common application. In this case, the social wall is seamlessly integrated into the content on your website.

3. After you have made your selection in the menu on the left side, you can copy the embed code for your social wall with one click on the «Get the code» button.

4. Now Copy the code from the pop-up window and place the code in your page's HTML where you want your Social Wall to appear.

Sharing your Social Wall on a TV Screen

To share your Display on a TV Screen you can either copy the URL of your Display and open it in the browser on your TV Screen or you can use the Mirror function to connect your laptop or tablet to the TV Screen.

1. To get the URL of a Display, simply click on the «Share» button. The display will then open in a new window and you can copy the URL from there.

2. The Mirror function makes it particularly easy to test different Displays on your screen. To start, click the «Mirror» button and follow the instruction. View the Displaying your Social Wall on a TV Screen using the mirror function article if you need further assistance.

3. Don't forget to enable full-screen mode in your browser to make your Social Wall look great!

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