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Cancel or change Subscription
Cancel or change Subscription

How to cancel your Subscription or change to another plan

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If you signed up by credit card you can manage your contentfry Subscription yourself.

Only the Owner of a Team can manage and cancel a Subscription.

  1. If you are the Owner of the Team, click on the more options icon (...) and select «Subscription».

2. You now see your Team Setting page. Here you can view and edit Team Profile, Subscription, Payment Method and Invoices. Select «Subscription».

3. To cancel your Subscription click on the «Cancel Subscription» Button. To change your Subscription click on the «Change Plan» Button.

4. A warning message will pop up. Select «confirm» if you are ready to cancel your Subscription.

5. You have no cancelled your Subscription. The benefits of your subscription will continue until the end of your current billing period. You may resume your Subscription at no extra cost until the end of the billing period.

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