Managing Team Members

How to add new Members, assign different Roles, and remove Members

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You can add an unlimited number of Members to your Team and assign them roles with different rights. In this article, you will discover how to add a member to a team, allocate a role along with its corresponding permissions, or remove a member from the team. Click the link to jump directly to the topic.

Adding a new Member to a Team 

1. To invite a new member to your Team, click on 'Team Settings' to the right of your Team name.

2. You are now in the Team Management Dashboard. Scroll down to the section "Add Team Member."

3. Enter the email address of the person you want to add to the team in the provided field.

4. Assign the person the role with the appropriate rights. You can find an overview of roles and their rights here.

5. Click "Add" to complete the invitation. The invited person will promptly receive an email at the specified address, containing a registration link for contentfry.

Please Note: To ensure proper recognition and assignment to the correct team, the invited person must complete the registration using the provided email address. Registering with a different email address may lead to misidentification

While the person is in the process of accepting the invitation and registering, they will show in the "Pending Team Invitations" section.

Once registration is completed, their name will be listed among your Team Members.

Changing the Role of a Team Member

To change the Role of an existing Team Member, simply click on their current role behind their name in the Team Members section. This will open a pop-up window displaying all available roles. Select the new role and save it.

Removing a Member from a Team or leaving a Team

To remove a person from a team, click on the icon with two arrows next to the person's role in the Team Members section. Then, click on "remove" or "leave" to remove the person or yourself from the team.

Assigning the Billing Role

The Billing Role is a special role that can be assigned to an existing Member with Admin rights. Only the Owner of a team can assign the Billing role to a Member.

  1. To assign the Billing role to a person, click on the icon with the two arrows next to the corresponding member in the Team Member list. The member must already have Admin rights.

  2. A dropdown menu will open. Select "Authorize Billing."

  3. The additional Billing role will now be displayed in the Team Members List.

Overview of Roles and their associated Rights

Upon invitation, every Team Member is assigned a specific role that comes with various rights within the team. Below, you'll find a comprehensive list of all roles and their associated rights."

Only one person can be the Owner of a Team

  • Manages the contentfry account and is the responsible person and contact for contentfry

  • Receives all notifications from contentfry, such as for expired tokens

  • Can change the Team's name and profile picture.

  • Can access and manage the Billing section

  • assign the "Billing" role to a Team Member


  • Can create, delete, and modify Rooms

  • Can invite or remove Members

  • Can change roles for Team Members


  • Can create, delete, and modify Connections, Storyboxes, Themes, and Displays

  • Receives notifications when a connection that was set up by him/her stops working (expired token)


  • Can curate content (Moderation, curate existing Storyboxes)


  • Can access and manage the Billing section (e.g. to add Credit Card)

The higher roles inherit all permissions of the lower roles.


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