Setting a Profile Image for a Connection

How to overwrite the Profile Image of any Connection

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For each connection, you can set your own profile image. The profile image you set on contentfry will overwrite the profile image delivered by the Social Network. Manually setting a profile image can be useful for Connections that are missing a profile image such as Instagram Hashtag Connections or some LinkedIn Connections.

Please not that at the moment, the feature is not available for Facebook, Tumblr and Flickr Connections.

How to set a Profile Image for a Connection on contentfry

1. On the Connection Panel, choose the Connection for which you want to set the profile picture. Click on the settings sign behind the Connection.

2. After the dialog box openes, click on the logo of the Social Network.

3. Now click on Choose photo or drag and drop the image into the provided field. Click on Update. You can now see the Dialog Box of your Connection again. Click on Update here too.

4. You have now set the profile image for this connection. Your Social Wall will now show the profile image you have set for this Connection, regardless of your current profile image on the respective Social Network.

Remove or Change the set Profile Image

1. If you want to remove or change your set profile image again, repeat Step 1 and 2 and then click on the pencil in the middle of the the image field. A drop down will then open. Click on Edit if you want to change the existing Profile Image or on Remove if you want to revert to the profile image delivered by the Social Network.

What's next

  • Want to see how your new Profile Image looks on your Social Wall and maybe edit it? Go to the Creating and Publishing a Display section to learn how to create and edit a Display.

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