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Make adjustments to your Social Wall in the Display Settings

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The Display Settings allow you to customize your Social Wall by making additional adjustments, such as showing or hiding specific information. For example, you can choose to display or hide the date or the logos of the social networks. You also have the option to connect your Social Wall with your Google Analytics account.

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In «General» you can make the following settings:

Date Format:

Choose in which format the date should be displayed, for example, 08 Feb 2023 or 08.02.2023.

Share with

Decide how content can be shared from your social wall. When a user clicks the share icon, the options you set will be displayed.

Click Action

Choose what should happen when a user clicks on content on your social wall. You have the following options:

  • Do nothing: The contents are not clickable. If a user clicks on content on your social wall, nothing will happen.

  • Open links: When a user clicks on a piece of content, they are directed to the original source of the content on the social network, for example, a video on Instagram or a post on LinkedIn.

  • Show detail modal: If the user clicks on content, a new window shows the content enlarged. Videos will automatically start playing in this window. The image below is an example of a detail modal.

Modal Color Theme

The Modal color theme allows you to easily customize the background color of your Detail Modal box. Choose "Auto" to match your display's custom color, select "Dark" for a black background with white text, or opt for "Light" to reverse the colors.

Load more button

Decide whether your Load More button should be an icon or a text field.


In the «Visibility» menu, you can decide which information you want to display and which you want to hide:


In the «Pagination» menu, you can set how many contents should appear on your Social Wall and how they should behave.

  • Limit: First, you set the number of contents to be displayed before the Load More button appears.

  • Mobile Optimize: If you activate the setting Mobile Optimize, fewer than the set number of contents will appear on mobile devices. If this setting is activated, on medium-sized devices (tablets) 1/2 contents will appear, and on small devices (mobile phones) 1/4 of the set number of contents will appear.

  • Randomize: Normally, your content is displayed on the social wall in chronological order. However, if you activate the "Randomize" feature, the content will be displayed randomly instead. The randomization feature will be applied within the defined number of contents ("Limit"). In our example, it would be the last 24 contents.

  • Autorefresh: If you integrate your Social Wall on a screen (for example at an event), you can set how often the displayed contents should be updated. Please Note: If you integrate your Social Wall on the website, no auto-refresh function is necessary. You should not change the existing default setting for website integrations of your Social Wall.


In the «Integrations» menu, you can connect your display with your Google Analytics account.


Let it snow! In the «External» menu, you can add a special effect to your social wall for a special season or event.

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