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Make adjustments to your Social Wall in the Display Settings
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The Menu «Display» in your Display Settings allows you to customize your Social Wall by adding content filters, changing your image ratio, adding Banners or using the CSS-Editor.

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Using the Content menu, you can create custom content filters to generate Social Walls that display content from selected sources, languages, or formats.

1. Start by clicking on the plus button.

2. A pop-up window will appear. Now, name your content filter and click on «Filter Options». In the drop-down menu, select the options you want to use for your filter.

3. Next, select the content filters you want to use for the chosen options. In our example, we want to display content only from the selected Instagram account and only images, not videos. Finally, save your content filter.

4. The new content filter now appears in your list. Click the new filter to activate it and preview the filtered content on the display. The content filters are then available when you create and publish your Social Wall in the share menu.


In the Layout menu, you can change the ratio of the images. For creating a Social Wall for Instagram Stories and TikTok, the Portrait mode is suitable, for example. Click on the dropdown menu to select the desired ratio.


You can also add a banner to your display. To do this, activate the banner («Show banner on display»), decide where on the display you want to show it («Position»), overwrite our example text directly with your own text («Banner text»), and then select the colors of the banner. Alternatively, you can upload a background image. Don't forget to publish your changes at the end.

CSS Editor

If you have coding knowledge and want to customize your site beyond the adjustments you can make in the Design panel, you can add CSS code using the CSS Editor.

Head over to our CSS Editor Guide in the Developer Center to learn more about it.

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