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How to create Content Filters to use for different Social Walls

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On contentfry, you can create and publish an unlimited number of Social Walls. To tailor each Social Wall with distinct content, begin by configuring content filters that specify what should be showcased on a particular Social Wall.

Here's a step-by-step guide to creating your first content filter.

  1. Click on "Filter" in your dashboard to start.

2. In the dropdown menu, you'll find various filter parameters at your disposal:

  • Content: Image, Video, Text

  • Connections: All the connections you have established

  • Platforms: Instagram, TikTok, etc.

  • Themes: All Themes you have created

  • Storyboxes: All Storyboxes you have created

  • Languages: (Exclusive to plans with the Language Detection Add-on feature)

  • Search: Select a particular keyword that should be present in the text

  • Map: Focus content on a selected location

  • Any time:Narrow down content to a specific time frame

  • Color: Choose the predominant mood color from images to create a visually cohesive Social Wall

3. Select the filter parameters that align with your Social Wall's content requirements. In our example, we're creating a Social Wall that exclusively displays content from our LinkedIn and Instagram profiles while excluding Facebook content.

4. Your selected filters will be visible in the menu bar and your dashboard will only display the filtered content. In our example, these include the selected connections and the added language filter (EN).

To save your configurations as a filter, click on "Saved Filters" after configuring all the parameters.

5. In the dropdown menu, select "Add New Filter".

6. Provide a meaningful name for your filter in the designated field within the pop-up window. Then click on "Save".

7. Your new content filter is now saved and accessible through "Saved Filters."

8. The content filter is now also available in the Display Sharing Menu. Here, you can effortlessly generate the embed code or URL for various Social Walls. Proceed to the next steps for creating and publishing a Social Wall here.

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