In this article we show you how to add and manage an Uploader Connection. You need an Uploader Connection to add Native Posts to your Social Wall. For a complete list of Connection types please click here.

How to create an Uploader Connection.

First, you need to setup an Uploader Connection, where you define the name of the author and other basics. You can have different Uploader-Connections for different authors. Please note that each Connection counts towards your total Connection count.

  1. Go to Connections and choose Native Post.

2. Then click on Uploader to set up an Uploader-Connection.

The dialog box will open. Please add all necessary information:

  1. The Name of your Uploader Connection. This name is for you to tell apart different Uploader Connection. It is not publicly visible.

  2. The Profile Picture of your Uploader Connection, e.g. of a person or a company.

  3. The User name is the name of the author of the Native Posts, e.g. of a person or a company.

  4. The Default link is where you link to from a Native Post in case you don't set a link for a specific post. E.g. your company's website.

  5. The User link is the link from the profile picture.

Choose your moderation settings and then click on Create. The Uploader Connection is set up. You can now add your first Native Post.

How to add a Native Post to your Social Wall

  1. Click on Add Post.

2. The dialog box will open. That's where you create your Native Post:

A. Add a photo. If you do not add a photo, it will just create a text-only post.

B. Add your text in the message field. The text limit is 1000 Characters.

C. If you want to link from your post to a website you can enter the URL here.

D. Add a Titel or Tags (e.g. for Themes) to your post.

E. You can set a date for your post (cannot be in the future) and a location (if the location feature is part of your price plan).

F. To publish your Native Post, click on Save.

3. You can now see your Native Post in the contentfry Dashboard. It looks and acts just like any other post.

Editing an Uploader Connection or a Native Post

  1. If you want to edit a Native Post, click on the more options (...) icon and then on Edit Upload. When you are done editing, just click on Save to save your changes.

2. If you want to update your Uploader Connection, click on the Settings icon behind the Connection.

3. Then click on the Uploader Icon. A dialog box will open where you can update your Profile Picture and User Link.

Tip: You can add more than one Uploader Connection, e.g. for different people or topics.

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