Adding a Native Post through the Uploader

How to manually create a post to appear on your Social Wall

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In this article, we will show you how to manually submit a post to appear on your Social Wall. To follow this guide, you should already have created an Uploader Connection. If you have not yet created an Uploader Connection, you can do so by following the instructions in «Creating an Uploader Connection».

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Creating a new Post

1. Click on «Create Post» to start.

2. A pop-up window will open. Now enter the content and information for your Native Post. After entering all the information, click on «Save» to create and save your post.

A. Add a photo. If you do not add a photo, it will just create a text-only post.

B. Enter the date that should be displayed on your post. If you do not enter a date, it will be automatically generated when the post is published. Entering a future date is not possible.If you want to add a location to your post, you can do so here.

C. The author of the post displayed here was defined as the default when creating the Uploader Connection. You can overwrite the default author by clicking on the name and entering a new name, profile picture, and link.

D. Enter the text for your post here. The text is limited to 1000 characters.

E. Add the link where a visitor should be directed when clicking on your post on your Social Wall.

F. Click on the respective field if you want to add a title or tag (for the Themes feature) to your post.

3. Your Native Post now appears in the contentfry dashboard. It looks and behaves like any other post.

Editing or deleting an existing Post

1. If you want to edit or delete a Native Post, click on the more options (...) icon of the post and then on Edit Upload.

2. A pop-up window showing the Posts information will open. When you are done editing, just click on «Save» to save your changes. If you want to delete the Post, click on «Delete» at the bottom left.

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