Creating an Uploader Connection

How to set up the Uploader for native and embed posts

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In this article we show you how to create an Uploader Connection. You need an Uploader Connection to add Native Posts or Embed Posts to your Social Wall. You can create different Uploader-Connections e.g. for different authors. Please note that each Connection counts towards your total Connection count.

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Setting Up the Uploader

  1. Go to Connections and choose Native Post.

2. Then click on Uploader symobl to set up an Uploader-Connection.

3. The dialog box will open. Please add all necessary information:

  1. Give your Uploader Connection a name. This name will not be publicly displayed. It is only used so that you can distinguish between different Connections.

  2. The Default link is used if If you do not add a link to a specific post created through the Uploader Connection. A meaningful default link could therefore be your website, for example.

  3. The profile picture and User name will be displayed as the author of the posts published through this connection, e.g. a person or a brand.

  4. The User name and the profile picture will be displayed as the author of the posts published through this connection, e.g. a person or a brand.

  5. Clicking on the User name or profile picture will open the User link that is provided here.

Tip: If you primarily use your Uploader Connection to upload content via a link («Embed Post», we recommend that you do not define a username, image, or link. These will be taken directly from the source of the link.

Choose your moderation settings for your Uploader Connection and then click on Create. The Uploader Connection is now set up.

4. You can now create a Native Post or Embed a Posts (via link).

Editing the Uploader Settings and the Default User Information (Author)

1. If you want to update the author information of the Default User (User name, picture and link) of your Uploader Connection, click on the Settings icon behind the Connection.

2. In the pop-up window with the uploader settings, click on the uploader icon at the top left. Another pop-up window will open. Now enter the new information for the Default User (author) for the Uploader Connection. Click on «Update» to save and update the information.

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