Adding an Embed Post through the Uploader

how to manually add content to your Social Wall using a link

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In this article, we will show you how to manually add content to your Social Wall using a link. To follow this guide, you should already have created an Uploader Connection. If you have not yet created an Uploader Connection, you can do so by following the instructions in «Creating an Uploader Connection».

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Embed a Post

1. Click on «Embed Post» to start.

2. Insert the link of the content you want to add, for example a blog or a tweet, into the designated field in the pop-up window. Then click on «Save».

3. Contentfry will now capture all the information it obtains from the provided link as a post. Depending on the source, there may be different results. If you are not satisfied with the result, you can edit the post by, for example, adding an image or editing the text.

Editing or deleting an Embed Post

  1. If you want to edit or delete an Embed Post, click on the more options (...) icon of the post and then on Edit Upload.

2. A pop-up window with all the information contentfry has aggregated from the link will now open. You can overwrite this information or add an image, for example, if it is missing. When you're finished editing, you can click on «Save» to save the updated information.

If you want to delete the Post, click on «Delete» at the bottom left.

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