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To display your Social Wall on a website or TV screen, it first needs to have a design. You can create the design in the Displays menu. A Display is a design template for your Social Wall.

There are two ways to access your Display menu:

  1. On the "Team" level, you can access the Displays by hovering over the room. A Display button will appear that you can click on.

  2. On the "Room" level, you can access your Displays by clicking on "Displays" in the menu on the left-hand side.

Then click on «New display» to start creating your first Social Wall.

Creating a new Display (Social Wall Design)

After clicking on «New display», you will see an overview of all available Displays. There are displays that are better suited for embedding on a website, and other displays that are better suited for displaying on a TV screen. Displays with animations are generally intended for use on TV screens.

  1. You can filter the Displays by type using the menu on the right-hand side or search for a specific Display using the search function.

Display Types:

  • Grid: The tiles of the Grid Displays all have a fixed height, regardless of how long the text or how large the image is. Therefore, the Grid Displays look tidy.

  • Slider: The Sider Displays are horizontally aligned and are particularly suitable for websites where the Social Wall should take up minimal space.

  • Timeline: The Timeline Displays are particularly suitable for integrations where the timeline or order of the content should be emphasized.

  • Mosaik: In the Mosaic Displays, the image takes center stage.

  • Single Post: These Displays are for very specific use cases where only a single content should be displayed.

2. Click on a Display in the overview to preview the Display with your own content.

Note: in order for the displays to be shown with your own content, there must be enough approved content in your room. Please make sure you have connected at least one connection and approved different contents before creating your Display.

3. Click on "Use this display" if you like what you see or on "Back to displays" if you would like to choose another one.

Styling your Social Wall

After selecting a Display template, you can now start customizing it.

Click on the checkmark icon in the top right corner of the dashboard to preview only the moderated and approved content. If you haven't connected your own connections yet, you will see pre-defined content in the preview provided by us.

In the Display Menu, you will find three tabs:

Display: Here you can make basic settings such as adding content filters or banners. Learn more.

Design: Here you define colors and shapes.

Settings: Here you decide which information you want to display, e.g. Load More Button, set your Pagination, or add your Google Analytics ID. Learn more about Settings.

After you have made changes, always click on «Publish changes» in the upper right corner so that the changes are applied and saved.

Publishing your Display

If you want to embed your Display on a website or share it on a screen, click «Share» in the menu in the middle of your screen. You have now switched to the Share menu.

If you just want a quick preview of your Social Wall, you can click on the share icon in the menu at the top right.

To get a detailed guide on how to integrate your Social Wall on a website or TV screen, go to the «Publishing your Display on your Website or TV Screen» article.

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