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Everything You Need to Know About the New TikTok and Instagram Creator Connections.
Everything You Need to Know About the New TikTok and Instagram Creator Connections.

Who they benefit, how to set them up, and where to manage them.

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Are you closely collaborating with creators or other brands? The latest Creator Connections feature from contentfry empowers you to integrate TikTok and Instagram profiles into your content feed without the owners of the profiles needing to register on contentfry beforehand.

This functionality proves invaluable when collaborating with influencers or partner brands that operate independently from your organization. For example, sports clubs aiming to showcase the profiles of all their athletes on their website or brands engaged in enduring partnerships with influencers can greatly benefit from this feature.

The new Creator Connections are available for Instagram and TikTok. Connecting public profiles or pages from other networks like YouTube, X, or Facebook is already possible.


The TikTok Creator Connection now enables you to showcase videos from influencers or partner brands on your social wall, offering the sole method for integrating user-generated content from TikTok.

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For Instagram, existing options allow content integration from creators and partner brands, like through hashtags or "Public Profiles." However, the new Creator Connection proves beneficial if you aim to display all content from a specific profile or lack a Business Setup (Advanced access).

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Managing Creator Connections

In the Team Settings, you'll find a comprehensive overview of all connected Creator Connections along with key management functions.

Navigate to the "External Accounts" section to access links for creators or brands to connect their accounts, as well as a list of all connected creator accounts. Additionally, you can establish a link to your collaboration agreement, which creators must agree to when connecting their accounts.

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