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How to use all Moderation functionalities such as favoring, managing tags and more.

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If you already know the basic Moderation features you're ready to become a pro! There are many more functionalities to help you with moderating and curating your content. In this article you will get an overview of all Moderation functionalities. 


At the top and at the bottom of each post you can find more functions which help you with the Moderation of your content. 

Pining a Content to the top of your Social Wall (Favorite)

Favoring will pin the post to the top of your Social Wall. When new content is aggregated, favorited posts will continue to show up as the first contents on your display. To favor a post, just click on the Star icon at the top of the post. The Star is only visible once a post has been approved.

Bookmarking a Content

Clicking the Bookmark icon on a post will save the post to your Bookmarked section. You can use the Bookmark function to mark posts you want to remember or review later,  e.g. when you want to ask someones opinion on a post before accepting or denying it. 

Adding a «Comments on Post» Connection.

Clicking on the «Comments on Post» will turn the post into a Connection. The connection will collect all comments made under this post. This feature is only available for Facebook Posts.
Learn more about the «Comments on Post» Connection.

Adding a Call to Action

Clicking on the Call to Action Option will open a new Dialog Box where you can add and manage the CTA for this post. CTA are only available in certain price plans.

Learn more about the Call to Action feature here.

Managing Indexed Tags

Clicking on the «Managed indexed Tags» option will open a new Dialog Box where you can manage the Tags for this post. This functionality is used to filter content into Themes.  

Viewing Moderation Logs

Moderation Logs records all interaction with a specific posts. E.g. it tells you when a post was approved and by whom.

Blocking a User

If you want to block content from a specific user, you can do that by clicking on the Block @user function.  

Important: The Block User functionality is only available for Connections/Networks that identify the user such as Twitter. Unfortunately Instagram and Facebook do not deliver this data anymore (user data protection).

Unblocking a User

To unblock a user that you previously blocked, go to more features in the Moderation Bar and choose the filter  "blocked users post".  Learn here how to view all blocked user posts. 

Now find a post of the user you want to unblock. Click on the more options icon (...) on top of a content from the user you want to unblock. The unblocking function will then show. 

Link to Connection source

A click on the bottom right will open the Connection on the corresponding social media platform. In our example, it will bring you to the Pinterest profile @fired_contentmag. 

Link to content source

Click on the Link icon on the bottom left to open that specific post on the corresponding social media platform.

Deleted Posts

Users sometimes delete posts after they have been aggregated by contentfry. A deleted post will look like this:

It can happen that a short time unavailability of a post (e.g. caused by a downtime of a Social Network) results in the post being labeled as deleted. If a post is falsely shown as deleted and has therefore been deactivated, you can easily activate it again.

In the Moderation Bar, go to more filters and select deleted. Learn here how to view all deleted posts. 

  1. Go to the content that you want to activate again and hover over the grey approve field. It will then turn green. 

  2. Click an the green approve field to display this post on your Social Wall again. 

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