A connection is a source or a feed that you add to contentfry from any of our supported social networks. The following Connection types are supported by contentfry:

Instagram:  Hashtag | Owned Acccount | Stories | Tag | Public Content 

Facebook:  Owned Page | Public Page

Twitter: Hashtag | User  | Lists  | Likes

YouTube: User | Playlist

TikTok: Own Profile

LinkedIn: Company Page | Showcase Page

Flicker: Tag | User

Tumblr: Hashtag | User

Pinterest:  User | Board


Native Post: Custom Text Post | Custom Image Post

How many Connections am I using out of the total amount allowed?

Whenever you add a connection to contentfry it will count toward the total amount of connections allowed on your current Subscription Plan. Within the contentfry Dashboard you can view the Connection Count in two places:

1. Connection Count for a Room

On the panel on the right-hand side, it shows you the total amount of connections used in the Room you're in.

2. Connection Count for a Team
When adding a new or editing an existing Connection, you can see the total amount of used and available Connections for your Team at the bottom of the dialog box.  

Need more connections?

If you ever need to get more connections for a Team you can upgrade to another plan by clicking «Subscription» in your Team Settings or by contacting us.

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