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Team Settings and Management
Team Settings and Management

Transferring a Team, Changing Name and Profile Picture of a Team, and Deleting a team.

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If you work for a large organization you might have several departments that are using contentfry, all of them with different requirements. That's what Teams are for. Each Team can have a different license and billing address, different members and so on. On the other hand, one person can be part of several Teams.

The first thing you see after logging in on contentfry is an overview of your Teams. 

Team Settings

Only the Owner of a Team can see and edit its settings. If you are the Owner, click on the more options icon (...) and select «Team Settings».

You now see your Team Setting page. Here you can view and edit Team Profile, Subscription, Payment Method and Invoices

Changing your Team's Profile Picture

You can set the profile picture in the «Team Profile» Section. Click on the Camera Icon and upload a picture from your desktop. 

Changing the Name of your Team

To change the name of your team, fill out the required field and and then click «update».

Transferring the Ownership of your Team

You can transfer to Ownership of Team to another person, e.g. when you want to leave a team. 

1. To start, click on «transfer».

Once you've transferred the Ownership to another person, you cannot reverse the process. The new Owner would need to transfer the Ownership back to you. To make sure you don't transfer the Ownership accidentally, we ask you to type in the name of the team you want to transfer. 

2. Enter the name of the team you want to transfer. 

3. Select the Team Member who you want to make the new Owner.

4. Confirm by clicking on «Confirm Transfer»

5. The Ownership is transferred to the selected Member. You will be assigned the Role of an Admin

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