Managing your "Team"

How to transfer a Team, change the name of a Team, and delete a Team.

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If you're part of a large organization, it's possible that you have multiple departments using contentfry, each with its unique requirements. This is where Teams come into play.

A Team is like an account. Each team has its own license, billing address, members, and more. As a user, you can be a member of multiple Teams.

Upon logging into contentfry, your first view will be an overview of your Teams. 

Team Settings

The Team Settings is the place where you manage your team. Here, you can add members to your Team, manage your billing, or rename your Team. Click on 'Team Settings' to the right of your Team name to access the Team Management Dashboard.

Please note: To view and access the Team Settings, you must either be the Owner of the Team or have Admin rights.

You have entered the Team Settings overview. Here, you can perform the following actions:

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  • Manage or Cancel your Subscription

API Tokens

  • Create and manage your contentfry API Tokens


  • Add your X (Twitter) Bearer Token

Updating your Team Name and Profile Picture

  1. To update your Team's Profile Picture, click on "Select A New Photo" and upload the desired image.

  2. To change your Team's Name, enter the desired name in the provided field.

  3. Click "Save" to save both.

Transferring your Team to a new Owner

If you leave your company, change positions within a company or have another reason to transfer responsibility for contentfry to someone else, you can transfer the team to them, making them the team's owner with all rights.

1. To do this, enter the person's email address in the designated field within the "Transfer Team" section. Please note that the person must already be registered with contentfry for you to transfer the team to them.

2. Next, confirm in the popup window that you indeed want to transfer the team to the specified person, making them the owner with all rights.

3. After confirming the action, the specified person becomes the owner of the team, and you become a member with admin rights.

Deleting your Team

1. If you want to completely delete your contentfry Team, scroll to the bottom of the Team Settings General page to the section "Delete Team".

2. Click on "Delete Team"

3. Next, confirm in the popup window that you do indeed want to delete your team, which will result in the removal of all collected content and created displays.

Your team is now deleted. However, you still have a personal member profile with contentfry because a person can be a member of various teams. Learn here how to delete your personal contentfry profile as well.

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